Ossam Therapies was founded by Carol Watt to provide a range of complimentary therapies that can be useful both in business and at home. Carol has been providing stress busting massage therapies to many of Scotland’s
leading companies for the last ten years through her company Ossam Therapies. With over 16 years experience Carol is well qualified to make your chosen therapy a relaxing and worthwhile experience. 

During the past few years Carol has come in contact with other professional therapists, who now work in partnership with Carol enabling a full range of therapeutic services to be offered. This now means that larger contracts can be managed by a team of professional therapist, all fully qualified in their respective fields.

What should you expect from your OSSAM practitioner?

All our practitioners  have a recognised qualification in complimentary therapies and all practitioners carry their own liability insurance.

OSSAM will come to your workplace All you have to do is

  • decide how many therapists you need, 1—5
  • how many days you want us to cover once a week—once a month.

Then decide who’s paying. Is it the company, the individual or a combination of both. Then set a staff member as our liaison and leave the rest to us.

 We weren’t designed to sit at desks for hours upon end, slouch over keyboards and swizzle in our chairs from side to side. Your body tells you this.

Have you or any of your staff suffered with back ache, shoulder pain, neck ache, leg cramp, sore eyes, fatigue?

Ossam Therapies can help with our fully qualified complementary health practitioners with over 10 years experience specialising in stress management massage.

Did you know!

60-80% of all illnesses are stress related. It is estimated that billions of pounds a year are lost through stress related illnesses.
49% of absenteeism is attributable to stress related causes.
Several successful claims have been made against employers for stress related illnesses. Most ailments are derived from stress, therefore, if stress is alleviated, we may all achieve an improved sense of well-being.

Currently most companies respond to the above information by giving the individual time out “to sort things out” with very little progress. The answer is to try tackling stress where it affects them most, “On site” . Prevention of stress is better than the cure. Just look at what it can do for your company.

These are all problems OSSAM Therapies can help relieve.

Corporate On site Acupressure massage

A brand new service has arrived in the U.K that is specially designed to relieve stress and tension where it hits hardest—in the work place.

On site acupressure massage, is a refreshing in office massage which releases built up pain and tension in the back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and head. Taking only around 20 minutes, the treatment is given by a skilled practitioner with the client in a seated position. There is no need to remove any clothing and no oils or lotions are used. This type of massage treatment is a 1500 year old traditional style of massage called Anma, which uses over 100 pressure points on the neck, back and arms to reduce tension and increase vitality.

Already a huge success in the U.S, where business people enjoy regular treatments, the service is often paid for by the company. Employers now realise that a healthy workforce is paramount towards a healthy business. On site massage is a quick, convenient, and affordable way to reduce stress and restore energy at work. Now an increasing number of British companies are discovering the benefits of a regular massage treatment. Testimonials are available from companies already using the services of OSSAM:

  • Clydeport /Peel Ports – Robertson Street, Glasgow
  • The Big Partnership – Park Circus Glasgow
  • Glasgow South West Regeneration Agency – Ibrox, Glasgow
  • SDS (Skills development Scotland) – Glasgow
  • Lanarkshire Health Board
  • Whitemoss Dental Practice – East Kilbride
  • What is On Site Acupressure Massage?

It is a health & relaxation session developed for people at work. The sequence works to improve the flow of energy throughout the body, acting on muscular, nervous and circulatory systems easing tension and stress that builds up in the workplace leaving the client calm, energised & alert. The massage is carried out while the client is seated remaining fully clothed. The therapist will touch on over 100 pressure points. It is quick, convenient, and affordable and reduces aches in the neck, shoulder, and back. It’s quick with sessions ranging from ten to twenty minutes and it is refreshingly different.

What’s in it for you as an employer?

  • A thank you to your staff.
  • A thank you to your customers
  • Boost to staff morale
  • Minimum disruption to the working day
  • Immediate stress buster
  • Fatigue disappears
  • Increased productivity and concentration
  • Increases profits by reducing sick leave
  • Affordable
  • Exhibition, promotional days,