Combine the sense of smell of the essential oils chosen to suit your particular needs (we respond to aromas in less than three seconds) The Essential oils then start their therapeutic work via the molecules in your skin to oxygenate the bloodstream & stimulate the immune system. Then (as if this wasn’t enough) add this with one of the most pleasant, relaxing and therapeutic Massages available.

A perfect combination for total de-stressing.


OSSAM Feet treatment – 30 minutes – Aromatic foot soak, exfoliating scrub & massage – £20

OSSAM Head Ease – 30 minutes  – Facial & full head, scalp massage – £20

OSSAM Back Pack – 30 minutes- Take the load of that Full Back, neck & shoulders – £20

OSSAM Half Body pack – 45 minutes – Full Back & legs – £28

OSSAM Full Body pack -60 minutes – Full Body Massage for all over relaxation – £35

OSSAM Deluxe pack – 90 minutes – A foot treat, then a full body massage & facial to complete your relaxation haven -£50

OSSAM Sinus Soother – massage of the face and upper chest using decongesting essential oils. – £20

Please note times above do not include consultation, resting & changing allow further 20 minutes

Please contact us for prices.

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