Reiki – £25

We are energy beings first and foremost. But stress causes energy blockages in the physical body, causing distress & disease. Do not underestimate the power of the mind. Positivity counteracts negative energies, Make waves of love, compassion & understanding, and it heals. Energy is life, life is fantastic. (Energy by William Blake 1757-1827)

Reiki is a gentle non-invasive treatment with no need to remove any clothing. The recipient lies on the couch and the practitioner places her hands on predetermined parts of the body, where they remain still. After a few moments the client may feel heat or cold. The most common experience during a treatment is a sense of deep peace and relaxation.

Some people may feel energised and uplifted, others sleepy and deeply relaxed.

It can energise, enlighten and balance a person and has to be experienced to be appreciated.

  • Sessions last around 50 minutes
  • Clients remain fully clothed 

“prepare to experience peace”