Shrinking Violet Wraps

Shrinking Violet Wraps –  £40 per session or 3 sessions for £99

This is the most powerful inch loss wrap available today. This unique body wrap works with lipolysis which is the scientific term for fat within the fat cells being broken down to be excreted in tissue fluid and dispersed through the lymphatic system vessels.  Our clients are experiencing an inch loss of between 6″ and 12″ .

The oil is scented with lavender, cypress and juniper which leaves the skin feeling soft and conditioned. The oil is left on and remains actively working in the skin for 3 days after application. 

The Process

  • Following your consultation you will be measured in certain areas.
  • The oil is then massaged into you skin and you are wrapped in a specially designed foil thats creates a warm environment for the violet wrap oil to begin to work.
  • You relax on the beauty couch with an electric underblanket for one hour as the heat is required to enable the violet wrap oil to produce the best slimming results.
  • After one hour, we remove the wrap and re- measure the same areas and reveal your total inch loss

The oil continues to work on your system for 72 hours and you can expect the inch loss to continue during this time and is perfect for helping with the “little black dress ” for the Christmas Party